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Ohm value calculator: ohms resistance, voltage, amperes current, watts power

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Ohmite Manufacturing invites you to call our Tech Center Hotline with technical questions regarding our products. A member of our application engineering group will be available to answer your inquiries.

USA: 1-866-964-6483 x245
(Int'l: 1-847-258-0300 x245)
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Ohmite Part Number/Series
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Resistor 1 (200-5GΩ; 10% tol. above 1GΩ)
Resistor 2 (200-5GΩ; 10% tol. above 1GΩ)
Resistor 3 (200-5GΩ; 10% tol. above 1GΩ)
Resistor 4 (200-5GΩ; 10% tol. above 1GΩ)
Total resistance (RT)
(eg. 500M ±1%)
First resistor (R1)
(eg. 499.5M ±1%)
Second resistor (R2)
(eg. 500K ±1%)
Ratio (RT/R2)
(eg. 1,000:1 ±1%)
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(25 pcs. minimum)
Ohmite Part Number/Series
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