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D Series Heatsink

Heatsink For TO-268, TO-263, TO-252 Devices

ARCOL AP101 Series

100 Watt Thick Film Heatsinkable

ARCOL ARF series

Low Profile Aluminum Housed

C-60/B-60 Series Heatsinks

Clip and Screw Mount Heatsink


Precision Thin Film Chip


High Voltage Axial Thickfilm

HS Series Heatsinks

Aluminum extrusions characterized for HS and 89 series resistors

EX Series Heatsink

Designed TO-220, TO-247, and D34 Devices

MOX 500 Series

Axial Lead Metal Glaze Resistor

CSM Series Heatsinks

Heatsinks for TO-220 Devices

SGM Series

Stamped Plate Modular Load Bank

HPW Series

High Precision Welded Axial or Radial

ARCOL AP830 Series

TO-220 Thick Film

ARCOL AP851 Series

TO-220 Thick Film Heatsinkable

ARCOL AP725 Series

D2PAK surface mount Thickfilm

ARCOL Aluminum Housed

Aluminum Housed Wirewound Resistor

CP4 Series Chillplate

4 Pass Watercooled Heatsink

F and R Series Heatsink

Heatsinks for TO-220 and TO-247 Devices

M Series Heatsink

TO-220, TO-247 Multiple Device Heatsink

Euro-Power Wirewound

European Sized High Power

MC4 Series

4-up DIP Resistor Package

AS Series

Anti-Surge Thick Film Chip

W Series Heatsink

W Series Heatsinks for TO-220 and TO-247 devices

TNP10 Series

10 watt To-126 Thin Film

50 Series

Silicone Axial

CS5 Series

High Power Precision Current Sense

C-40 Series Heatsink

Clip Mounting For TO-247,TO-264 and TO-227 Devices

R2 Series Heatsink

Cam Lock Heatsink for TO Devices

HCLB Series

WireWound High Current Load Bank

ARCOL AP836 Series

35 Watt Thick Film Heatsinkable

WC Series Ceramic Heatsink

Cam Locking Heatsink for TO devices

MOX 800 Series

Thick Film Axial

EY Series

Ceramic Composition Energy

VM Series Heatsink

Vertical/Horizontal Mount Heatsink

TP Series High Energy

Thick Film Surge

Metal Devil® Series

Metal film

C Series Heatsink

C Series For TO Package Heatsinks

E Series Heatsink

Heatsink for TO-220 Devices

Ultra Mox Series

Precision High Value Thick Film

ARCOL ACD22 Counting Dial

10 Turn Counting Dial

ARCOL ACD46 Counting Dial

15 Turn Counting Dial

SV Series Heatsink

LED Module Heatsink

AH Series Extrusions

Custom Extrusion Heatsinks

LVM Series

Current Sense Metal Chip


Precision Metal Film


Manganin-NiCr SMD Shunt

EBW Series

Manganin/ NiCr Element Resistor

ARCOL FPA600 Series

600 Watt Heatsinkable Thick Film


Thick Film On Stainless Steel

BA Series

High Power Aluminum Cased Wirewound

IS Series Resistor

Thick Film Heatsinkable

S Series Heatsink

LED Star Package Heatsinks

RW5 and RW7 Series

High Power SMD Wirewound


Surface mount molded wirewound


Tubular High Voltage

Metalohm Series

Wirewound Heatsinksble Radial Terminal

WFH Series

Wirewound Heat Sinkable Power Resistor

Z Series Choke

R. F. plate chokes

Little Rebel® Series

Carbon film

30 Series

High Energy Wirewound, Various Constructions

OD/OF/OA series

Carbon Composition Molded

10 Series

Kelvin & Axial Wire Element Current Sense

14A Series

Alumina Body Current Sense

60 Series

Metal Element Current Sense

Audio Gold Resistors

Silicone Non-Magnetic Axial & Tubular

20 Series

Vitreous Enamel Conformal Axial

40 Series

Silicone-Ceramic Conformal Axial

80 Series RW Series

Silicone-Ceramic Conformal Axial/ Mil-R-26 Qual

90 Series

Molded Vitreous Enamel Axial

Axiohm® Series

Centohm Coated Wirewound Axial

HSP Series

Hermetically Sealed Precision

WH/WN Series

Miniature Molded Wirewound

WL Series

Miniature Wirewound Current Sense

60 Series

Four Terminal Bare Element

CS3 Series

Kelvin Connect Precision Current Sense

SH Series Shunt

Precision Metal-Clad Closed Element Shunts

60S Series

Metal Plate Current Sense SMD

FC4L Series

Kelvin Connect Current Sense Chip

FCSL Series

Metal Foil Current Sense Chip

LVC Series

Low Value Thick Film Chip

LVK Series

Four Terminal High Precision Current Sense

MCS Series

Metal Element Current Sense

RW1/RW2 Series

Kelvin Connect Current Sense SMD

Cabinet Product Assortment

Popular Power Resistor Series & Heatsinks

TGHG Series

100 watt SOT-227 Kelvin Connect Current Sense

TDH35 Series

35 Watt TO-263 Surface Mount Thick Film

TAH20 Series

20 Watt TO-220 Thick Film

TBH25 Series

25 Watt TO-220 Thick Film

TCH35 Series

35 Watt TO-220 Thick Film

TEH100 100 Watt

100 Watt TO-247 Thick Film

TEH70 Series

70 Watt TO-247 Thick Film

TFH85 Series

85 Watt TO-264 Thick Film

TAP1000 and 2000 Series

1000 and 2000 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar Thick Film

TAP600 Series

600 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar Thick Film

TAP800 Series

800 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar Thick Film

TGH Series

120 and 200 Watt SOT227

TL Series

Modular Thick Film Heat Sinkable

89 Series

Axial Terminal Wirewound Aluminum Housed

HS/HSN Series

Aluminum Housed Axial Wirewound Heat Sinkable

14984 Series

High Current Round Edgewound

WLRD6G Series

High current oval edgewound resistors

WLRH Series

Heliohm Wirewound

PFE and PFR Series

Powr-Rib® Edgewound and Round Wire

280 Series

Corrib® Hi-Current, Fixed and Adjustable

210 Series

Vitreous Enamel Adjustable Power

250 Series

Oval Core Fixed Wirewound

270 Series

Tubular Fixed Wirewound

HVC Series

Precision High-Value High-voltage Wraparound Chip

HVF Series

High Voltage Film Flip Chip

Slim-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Resistors and Dividers

Maxi-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Axial

RX-1M Hi-Meg

Hermetically Sealed Ultra High Resistance

Super Mox Series

High Voltage Non Inductive Axial

Power-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Tubulars and Dividers


Panel Mount Molded Composition

Solid State Power Controls

Variable Control for AC Inputs/Outputs


Capacitance Selector


Decade Resistance Selector


Resistance Selector

Power Tap Switches

Panel Mount High-current, non-shorting

Control Knobs

Control Knobs

Rheostat and Tap Switch Hardware

Knobs, Dials, etc.


(Potentiometers) Wirewound

S Series Shunts

High Current Shunts

2010 SMD

0.6 Watt Wirewound SMD

Mini Macro Chip Series

High Voltage Thick Film SMD Chip

RC, RF, RW, RP, RM Series

Surface Mount Power

MC1RD Series

Thick Film SMT-MOX Divider

MacroChip Series

High Voltage Thick Film Chip

G Series

Capacitor Mount Discharge & Symmetry

OX/OY Series

Ceramic Composition Surge Rated Axial

A Series

PulsEaters® Ceramic Composition Surge

TFS Series

Surge Capable Thick Film

Mini-Mox Series

Precision Thick Film Axial

Low Wattage Mini-Mox Series

0.25-0.50 Watt Precision Thick Film

TA Series

Power Chip® Thick Film On Alumina

200 Series

Vitreous Enamel Power Wirewound

Resistor Hardware

For Wirewound Resistors

TWM/TWW Series

Ceramic Housed Radial Terminal

PC-58 Series

PCB Mount Tubular Wirewound

TUM/TUW Series

Ceramic Housed Axial Terminal

Resistor Assortments

Cabinet resistor assortments

Surface Mount Resistor Assortments

Cabinet Resistor Assortments

MX Series

Metal Oxide

PowrFilm® Series

Metal alloy film

PECOS® TC Series

Thick film on porcelainized steel

TVW/TVM Series

Ceramic Housed with Standoffs

P Series

Epoxy Molded Precision Wirewound

TK/TN Series

15 and 20 Watt TO220

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