Thin Film Temperature Sensor - FST Series

FST Series

The FST series Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) from Ohmite provides predictable resistance change based on temperature. The SMD chip based design is offered in the popular 0805 size. The FST series is manufactured using a thin film process and contains Palladium (Pd) in the terminations. The Pd is known for its stability and allows a clean connection, helping to eliminate any thermal drift at the connection points.  The FST series is a Thin Film Temperature Sensor produced to the DIN 60751 standard and is available in both the B and 2B tolerances classes.

FST Series Features & Benefits

  • Flip Chip design provides economical option
  • Two tolerance classes available, B and 2B per DIN EN 60751.
  • Multiple values available for high resolution (100, 500, and 1000 ohms)
  • Standard TCR of 3850ppm for known value of change.
  • Industry standard size 0805 chip
  • ROHS Compliant

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