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  • Resistive Solutions for Medical Applications

    Doctors, healthcare workers, and patients must be able to trust their medical products will perform safely, reliably, and effectively. Ohmite’s range of highperformance resistive products are put to the test in hundreds of medical applications every day, including medical instrumentation, Automated External Defibrillators (AED), X-ray systems, and more. Many resistor lines feature multiple customization options to meet demanding medical requirements.

  • Ohmite Industrial Applications Brochure

    “Industrial” describes a vast mix of electrical devices with varied capabilities and loads. Our industrial product catalog therefore encompasses a comprehensive range of resistors in both design and capacity. For nearly 100 years, Ohmite has built its reputation on the quality of its engineering, the reliability of its products, and a commitment to solving the problems of our customers. In addition to our standard products, our engineering team and dedicated facilities are willing and able to create custom resistor solutions and high power load banks to solve unique design problems. Whether the load is large or small, Ohmite has the parts that fit your project.

  • Heat Sink Brochure-2-3

    Ohmite’s wide array of heatsinks are RoHS-compliant and available in multiple styles, sizes, and customization options. Download our brochure to explore product information and detailed specifications.

    • Dozens of heatsinks designed for TO-126, TO-218, TO-220, TO-247, and TO-264 packages
    • Thermal solutions for TO-252, TO-263, and TO-268 SMD devices
    • Product lines using a patent pending clip system that eliminates mounting hardware and speeds up installation times
    • Designs ranging from single device screw-mounted heatsinks to large custom extrusion profiles
  • Thermal Interface Material Role and Performance

    In many of today’s high-requirement and high-power electronic systems, traditional fans and bulky head sinks may not be enough to sufficiently deal with heat.

    Thermal interface materials (TIMs) bridge the gap between components and increase heat dissipation. This whitepaper provides an overview of TIM options and which will best serve your thermal management needs.

    This guide will detail:

    • Types of thermal interface materials
    • Why certain types are best for interfacing with
      heat sinks and enclosures
    • Assembly and reliability of thermal interface materials
    • Thermal pads for power products
  • EMI Filter Checklist

    Adding an EMI filter to your product will impact your product in several ways, beyond just attenuation.

    We break down the attributes to consider in How an EMI Filter Affects Your Product’s Performance.

    Learn how an EMI filter will affect the following and more:

    • Rated current and in-rush current

    • Rated frequency

    • Rated voltage

    • Voltage drop

    • Safety requirements

  • How An EMI Filter Affects Your Products Performance

    Adding an EMI filter to your product will impact your product in several ways, beyond just attenuation.

    We break down the attributes to consider in How an EMI Filter Affects Your Product’s Performance.

    Learn how an EMI filter will affect the following and more:

    • Rated current and in-rush current

    • Rated frequency

    • Rated voltage

    • Voltage drop

    • Safety requirements

  • Ohmite EMI Filter Brochure

    Ohmite’s EMI filter families are designed for superior performance in a range of applications and available in multiple configurations to suit your project’s needs. Explore product information and specifications for these filter families:

    • AP Series, Single Phase
    • AF Series, Single Phase IEC Inlet
    • AG Series, Single Phase
    • AH Series, Single Phase Dual Stage
    • AHL Series, Single Phase Duel Stage Low Frequency
    • TG Series, Three Phase General Type
    • TK Series, Three Phase Bookshelf Type
  • Filter Location Can Affect Performance

    If your EMI filter isn’t performing optimally, the issue may not be the filter itself – it may be its location in the device. This whitepaper reviews how this happens and how to fix it.

    Topics include:

    • The difference between differential mode and common mode currents
    • How crossed-coupled energy happens and how it effects performance
    • Where to place a filter for peak performance
  • Contributing Factors of Filter Performance

    Many attributes of components themselves have a significant impact on filter performance – it’s important for designers to understand these and plan accordingly.

    This whitepaper reviews what to know about these factors and more:

    • Core material
    • Amount of windings
    • Wires in inductors
    • Leads in resistors
    • Parasitic aspects in capacitors
  • 2/19 - This is Ohmite!

    Ohmite has been the leading provider of resistive products for over 90 years. Our mission is to be the leading provider of resistive products for high current, high voltage, and high energy applications to worldwide customers in the industrial, medical, military and aerospace markets.

  • 9/18 - Newest Products from Ohmite

    At Ohmite, we strive to be ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation in our industry. Check out the newest resistors, heatsinks, and sensors from our engineers.

  • 3/19 - Ohmite Ceramic Resistor Division

    The advantage of Ohmite’s bulk construction processes is that they produce inherently noninductive resistors, and they allow energy and power to be uniformly distributed through entire ceramic resistor bodies – there is no film or wire to fail.

  • 9/18 - Ohmite Thermal Product Guide

    Ohmite's thermal resistors and heat sinks are some of the top graded products in the industry. View our Thermal Product Guide to view our available products and learn how to select the right heat sink for your application.

  • 10/18 - Ohmite Resistor Product Guide

    Ohmite's product catalog offers a wide range of products, including Wirewound, High Current Shunts, Surface Mount, Wirewound/Low Value, Variable Voltage Controls, Surge/High Energy, Thick Film/High Voltage, and WW/High Current. Check out our Resistor Product Guide to find the right product for your application. 

  • 3/19 - High Power Resistors

    Ohmite's product offering includes multiple part series for High Power applications that range from thick film to wirewound. Many Ohmite resistors can be attached to a heatsink for enhanced power dissipation. Take a look at this High Power guide to get all the information you need!

  • 3/19 - Current Sense Products

    Ohmite produces Current Sense Resistors down to ultra-low values while still maintaining resistive stability. We offer them in two and four terminal configurations. Learn more about them here!

  • 2/19 - Power Transmission

    Ohmite is on the cutting edge of ceramic resistor technology for high voltage live tank circuit breakers. The largest utilities in the world acknowledge and select Ohmite for their networks as the only choice for first-class transmission technology.

  • 6/18 - Ohmite Products for the Military/Aerospace Industry

    When it’s mission critical, you can’t have a supplier flying blind. That’s why our 90 years of expertise in aerospace, avionics, and defense is indispensable. You can learn everything you need to know about the Ohmite-patented technologies and engineered excellence deliver superior electromechanical systems here.

  • 6/18 - Ohmite Products fo the Medical Equipment Industry

    At Ohmite, we understand the needs of the medical industry, and we work closely with medical companies to provide the right product for each application. Ohmite provides medical OEMs and designers with reliable high-performance resistive products that are used in hundreds of medical applications. Check out this guide to learn more.

  • 6/18 - Ohmite Products for the Transportation Industry

    Ohmite is driven to transform the industry with every part and every custom solution. Our transportation solutions are customized to exacting specifications, yet flexible to fit every need. Our products are engineered to withstand harsh environments, including metal plating to prevent oxidization of metal parts.

  • 9/18 - AEC-Q200 Compliant Products

    Our MMV Series, APV Series, ASV Series, MEV SEries, LRV Series, and LSV Series are all meet the AEC-200 qualifications. Download this guide to learn more about these top-of-the-line products!

  • 3/19 - T0-247 and Large Heat Sinks

    Since Ohmite offers a selection of TO-247 and larger devices in heat sinkable packages, it is no surprise that Ohmite can provide thermal solutions for these devices. We offer these solutions in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate many application needs and designs.

  • 7/15 - New Series 89 Resistors

    The 89 series of Wirewound Resistors features a new housing. These changes are reflected on the mounting tabs and extrusion profiles. Footdesign changes are from the (old) rounded-foot design to a (new) squared design.

  • Ohmite Transportation Brochure

    From motor controls to high-current braking; from charging stations to circuit breakers: Ohmite’s power resistors cover a wide range of transportation and EV needs. These power resistors feature custom dielectrics and internal constructions, specialized material compositions for insulation and thermal transfer, as well as specialized material options for high voltage and high energy applications.