OU/OUM Series

OU/OUM Series

Ceramic Composition

The OU/OUM are ceramic composition resistors ideal for high energy, high voltage, and high surge applications. They have a high energy pulse capability (10 Joules for 10ms) for their small size. The OU/OUM is available in two packages to suit different board designs: through-hole axial or SMD MELF. 

The OU/OUM is one of many ceramic composition resistors in Ohmite's product portfolio. While they have a high pulse capability, applications with surges greater than 10 Joules will want to consider other products in Ohmite's portfolio including the following:

OW/OX/OY Series

OC Series

Applications for the OU/OUM include:

  • High voltage power supplies
  • R-C snubber circuits
  • Inrush limiters
  • Other high energy, high voltage, or high surge applications

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