45 Watt Thermal Surface-Mount Resistor - TKH45 Series

TKH45 Series

Designed to replace any TO-252 package. The TKH45 is rated at 45 watts with a thermal resistance of 3.0°C/W in a surface-mount design capable of high wattage dissipation with the proper heatsink and thermal considerations. The Ohmite D series heatsinks with the TKH45 presents a complete solution for your surface-mount wattage requirements. The thick film construction enables non-inductive performance and is suited for precharge and snubber applications. Other key design features include:

  • Elimination of multiple thermal layers including a metal header for greater thermal performance.
  • SMD shares same land pattern as TO-252 with a low profile
  • Up to 45 watts of power dissipation
  • Larger resistance area promoting higher energy and greater thermal performance
  • Elimination of wire bonds for greater reliability
  • Use Ohmite D Series heatsinks for maximum performance

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