WLRD6G Series

WLRD6G Series

High Current Oval Edgewound Resistors

The choice when conditions demand top-notch performance, these resistors are commonly used for dynamic braking on Transit applications. Choose from five sizes with up to thirty-one current ratings. The units listed below are direct replacements for General Electric 42D6G1XXX or 42D6G3XXX.

Built to perform in rugged environments, they feature corrosion-resistant stainless steel insulator supports, solid nickel terminals, and special electroless nickel-plated solid copper terminal supports. The resistance element is made of a stainless steel resistance alloy. Terminals are welded or silver brazed to the oval, spiral edgewound resistance element. Toothed ceramic insulators isolate the resistance element from the center support. Ceramic end bushings insulate the center support from the mountings.

Order individual replacement units or entire grids with various mounting configurations. Contact us with your specific needs.

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