4 Terminal Bare Element Resistors

60 Series

Four Terminal Bare Element Resistors

Ohmite’s Four Terminal Bare Element Resistors provide ultra-low resistance values (to 0.0005Ω) for relatively high current requirements, with the advantages of a Kelvin configuration and PC Board mounting capability.

These shunt resistors are specifically designed for low resistance applications requiring the highest accuracy and temperature stability. This Four Terminal version of Ohmite’s 60 Series Resistor is specially designed for use in a Kelvin configuration, in which a current is applied through two opposite terminals and sensing voltage is measured across the other two terminals.

The Kelvin configuration enables the resistance and temperature coefficient of the terminals to be effectively eliminated. The four terminal design also results in a lower Temperature Coefficient of Resistance and lower self-heating drift which may be experienced on two terminal resistors. The requirement to connect to the terminals at precise test points is eliminated, allowing for a tighter tolerance on the end application.

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