Encapsulated Resistors

Ohmite offers the design and material expertise to meet your specific resistor package requirements.

Key features and benefits of Ohmite encapsulated resistors include:

  • Ohmite non-inductive ceramic resistor high energy, voltage and power performance.
  • Rugged design to meet mechanical shock and vibration requirements.
  • Machined aluminum case and packaging materials suitable for harsh industrial and aerospace applications.
  • Sealed package for protection from contaminants.
  • Multiple series-parallel connected or multiple individual resistors within a single package.
  • Package shapes and sizes to fit the available space.


Electrical resistance (R) +/- 5%, 10%, or 20%
Rated peak pulse energy (Type SP / Type AS and BA)* 630 joules / 5,200 joules
Operating Temperature - 55°C to + 230°C
Typical weight 500 g