Metallic Load Bank Resistors

Metallic load bank resistors are typically used for high power load testing of emergency power systems including generators, uninterruptible power supplies, turbines, battery systems and dynamic braking power dissipation for generators and large motors.

Our metallic load elements feature the following design advantages:

  • Use of special alloys for longer element life and consistent operating performance
  • Load elements are fully supported across their entire length by vibration resistant stainless steel support rods with high-temperature ceramic insulators
  • Ceramic insulators have excellent thermal shock resistance making them ideally suited for use in extreme climates
  • Load elements assembled in discrete trays designed for modularity
  • Spiral element design allows for much greater power density and heat dissipation

Resistor Specifications

  • Load elements designed for compatibility with all typical voltages
  • Each load element rated for 8.33kW 240/480V
  • Maximum metallic alloy overload temperature: 1300°C
  • Maximum operating temperature as applied in load system: 600°C.

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