AHM Series

AHM Series

AHM Series Medical Filters - Dual Stage - Single Phase 

These AHM series range of medical double stage filters give superior performance when used in applications with low Impedance loads. The AH series controls continuous and intermittent interference noise and where high levels of mains borne interference are present. The chassis mount design of the AH series is availabe from 1A to 50A ratings in 6 different case sizes depending on current rating.

The AHM Series is designed for medical applications requiring high performance with no leakage currents.

  • Meets the requirements of IEC 60601 -1 Standard. 
  • Compliance to the requirements of the standard IEC 61010-1.
  • Available in different mounting style and termination.
  • Available in different circuit configuration.
  • Tested and approved per the standards UL 60939-3

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