Ohmite’s New AS9100D Certification and Why It's Important

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Ohmite Achieves AS9100D Certification: Our Commitment to Quality for Aerospace and Defense 

As a leader in resistive products for over 95 years, the team at Ohmite is proud to announce its certification to the AS9100D Quality Management System (QMS) standard for the design and manufacturing of our electrical resistors. This certification demonstrates our commitment to meeting the stringent quality requirements of the aerospace and defense industries. 

What is AS9100D? 

AS9100D represents the highest quality management standards for companies serving the aviation, space, and defense sectors. It is the latest revision of the AS9100 standard, overseen by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), which includes aviation leaders like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, and Rolls Royce. 

AS9100D includes all the ISO 9001:2015 requirements for quality management systems with additional industry-specific requirements from the aerospace and defense global supply chains. The “D” revision places a strong emphasis on risk management, ethics training, configuration management, handling of counterfeit parts, human factors, and preventing product safety issues. [1] 

Key Areas AS9100D Addresses 

To achieve certification, companies must demonstrate compliance and best practices for:  

  • Risk Management & Mitigation 
  • Configuration Management 
  • Requirements Management 
  • Data Analysis for Continual Improvement 
  • Supply Chain Controls and Requirement Flowdown 

By using these disciplines in our QMS framework centered around AS9100D, Ohmite continues to advance its quality objectives for continuous improvement and maximizing customer satisfaction across all industries. 

Why AS9100D Certification Matters 

For companies that provide parts and components for mission-critical aerospace systems, quality and safety are paramount. AS9100D certification validates that Ohmite meets the aerospace industry’s high standards to deliver compliant, reliable resistors with strict change control and risk management. 

For manufacturers in aviation, space, and defense, choosing an AS9100D-certified supplier like Ohmite means: 

Confidence in Product Reliability 

Ohmite’s design, development, production, and service processes for the full range of resistive offerings, including wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition resistors, are rigorously controlled and monitored under the QMS requirements. You can trust the inherent quality and reliability of Ohmite resistors thanks to our focus on defect prevention, risk mitigation, and proactive improvement. 

Verified Commitment to Quality 

Achieving AS9100D certification is not easy — it requires an extensive internal audit process assessing over 100 criteria. As an AS9100D-certified manufacturer, Ohmite demonstrates its unconditional commitment to quality and meeting stringent aerospace requirements now and into the future. 

Reduced Risk in Supply Chain 

From counterfeit components to production delays and continuity issues, aerospace OEMs face enormous supply chain challenges. Choosing certified suppliers is key to risk reduction. Ohmite’s AS9100D certification verifies its quality framework for requirements that flow down through the supply chain into your product or system. 

As technology advances, high-reliability components remain critical to innovations across aviation, defense, and space exploration. By selecting Ohmite as a certified supplier, you benefit not only from quality products but also from continued responsiveness to meeting changing needs driven by technology growth. 

Importance of AS9100D Across the Supply Chain 

Achieving AS9100D certification requires significant effort and demonstrates a supplier’s capabilities beyond conforming products. For your product to support the aerospace industry, all parts of your supply chain (down to the resistors that Ohmite provides) need to meet the rigorous AS9100D guidelines. This helps manufacturers:   

Boosts Quality Focus 

AS9100D pushes suppliers to focus intently on quality objectives, risk management, customer requirements, data analysis, and sub-tier controls using best-practice approaches for aerospace. Using AS9100D-certified suppliers in your product or system increases its quality, reliability, and safety.   

Enables Access to New Opportunities 

Using components from AS9100D-certified manufacturers like Ohmite can help you open doors in the aerospace industry. AS9100D is the “stamp of approval” that all manufacturers in the aerospace industry look for when selecting sub-systems, sub-assemblies, etc., during their design phase.  

Supports Lean Initiatives 

Effective quality management per AS9100D requirements complements lean manufacturing across supply chains. Identifying risks, errors, defects, and anomalies early saves enormous costs later for rework, replacements, production delays, and continuity problems. Lean initiatives are strengthened when all links in supply chains follow disciplined quality frameworks. 

Need an AS9100D-Certified Resistor Supplier? 

Achieving AS9100D certification puts Ohmite in a strong position to support customers across aviation, space, and defense industries. By focusing on quality to meet the stringent aerospace industry demands, our resistors are key to powering future innovation that flies higher, faster, and farther than ever.  

Contact Ohmite’s engineering team today for help selecting the AS9100D-certified resistive solutions you need.  

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