Thermal Interface Materials for Heatsinkable Devices

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various thermal interface materials for electronics and other devices.

EMI Filter Application and Test Requirements

If you're considering an EMI filter for your product design, there are certain application and test requirements you need to know about.

Resistor Stability and Calculating Drift

Understanding TCR and other properties that affect resistor stability and drift are important to choosing the right resistor for your product application.

The Charge of Powering Up EVs Quickly

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The Noisy World of EMI Filters

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Resistors in Motion

Power resistors are a fundamental aspect of having a reliable dynamic braking system.

What Engineers Need to Know About Resistors

A guide to what information and questions engineers should know before choosing and purchasing a resistor

Power Resistors Put the Brakes on Medical Motors

Power resistors, with their ability to handle and dissipate high transient currents are an intrinsic part of dynamic braking systems.

Testing Power Sources with Resistive Load Banks

Load banks are used to simulate an electrical load to test the capabilities of a power source

Introduction to Different Power Resistor Types

There are seven different types of power resistor construction: composition, ceramic composition, film, foil, wirewound, and element or shunt.