Introduction to Different Power Resistor Types

There are seven different types of power resistor construction: composition, ceramic composition, film, foil, wirewound, and element or shunt.

Introduction to the Family of Ceramic Resistors

Discover why ceramic composition resistors are vital in electrical applications.

Regular Power vs. Ceramic Power Resistors

Dissipating more than five watts of power? You need a power resistor—crucial in many applications like power infrastructure, braking systems and more.

Medical Versus Regular EMI Filters

Medical EMI filters make all the difference in the medical industry for life-saving equipment.

Power Resistors Put the Brakes on Medical Motors

Power resistors, with their ability to handle and dissipate high transient currents are an intrinsic part of dynamic braking systems.

How to Improve Product Performance: EMI Filter Integration

EMI filters can greatly improve product performance. Review design considerations such as temperature, overload, distortion & more.

All the Moving Parts in Transportation

Discover how resistive products are widely used in transportation applications to protect from high temperatures, corrosion, vibrations, and more.