Filter Location Can Affect Performance

When deciding the location for your EMI filter, be aware of the factors that can affect the performance of the component

How Common Mode and Differential Mode Filters Differ

Learn the differences between common mode EMI filters and differential mode EMI Filters

How an EMI Filter Affects Your Product's Performance

Learn about the how an EMI filter affects your product's performance and why they're often necessary.

Contributing Factors of EMI Filter Performance

Passive electrical filter design consists of inductors and capacitors in various configurations, and possibly using resistors to discharge capacitors or dampen circuit resonance. In an ideal world, inductors increase impedance with higher frequency, and capacitors decrease impedance with higher frequency, while resistor values do not change. However, this is not the case in real applications. The…

EMI Filter Application and Test Requirements

If you're considering an EMI filter for your product design, there are certain application and test requirements you need to know about.

The Noisy World of EMI Filters

When it comes to suppressing noise caused by electromagnetic waves, an engineer's best solution is an EMI filter. Learn more about how filters help suppress EMI and RFI.