Cam Clip Heatsinks - CR Series

CR Series Heatsink

Ohmite introduces the CR series heatsink with cam clip (Pat. Pending). The CR series offers flexibility, high performance, and is comparable to popular Aavid MAX-clip heatsinks. The cam clip system for TO-247 and TO-264 devices is proprietary and provides tools or fixture free assembly. The CR series is available in multiple extrusion lengths to support up to 3 devices and is available in black anodized or degreased finishes.

CR Series Heatsink Features

  • Three extrusion styles in four lengths
  • No tools required to secure device with Cam Clip System
  • Dual Mount design allows up to six devices mounted to one heatsink
  • Ability to accommodate multiple devices
  • Vertical mounting using solderable pins
  • Thermal resistance down to 4° C / W
  • Compares to Popular Aavid part series 78015, 78010, 78220 and 78070

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