Surfacemount Heatsink - D Series

D Series Heatsink

These surface-mount heatsinks are extruded, not stamped. These extruded designs are far more efficient than any stamped competitor. With other products, it is difficult to transfer heat from the board level into the heatsink. The D Series extrusion design allows for large pads and a direct thermal path from the board and into the heatsink. The ability to get the heat off the board coupled with its large surface area yields a surface-mount heatsink unmatched in the market.

D Series Heatsink Features

  • Newest designs yield the most surface area in the market
  • Designed to accommodate TO-252, TO-263 and TO-263 packages
  • Design features include flat area for easy Pick-and-Place assembly operation
  • Four different extrusion designs to accommodate multiple applications

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