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EMI Filters

EMI Filters

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters are very important elements of nearly all electrical/electronic products. Their proper selection and installation into the end-product ensure timely compliance with mandatory regulatory standards. 

EMI filters work by subduing undesirable radio frequency (RF) energy in two very elementary ways: they either form a lowimpedance path for RF currents to return to the local source of energy, and/or they provide a high-impedance path to prevent RF currents from flowing on a cable, printed circuit board (PCB) trace or some other type of noisy wire, signal trace or circuit element.

Regulations across the globe specify how much RF energy products can emit via radiated and conducted emissions standards, and in some regions, how much RF energy they must tolerate without upset, damage or malfunction via radiated and conducted immunity (commercial) or susceptibility (military) standards.

Ohmite offers multiple EMI filter series to accommodate each unique filter application. Ohmite filters bear the most relevant safety certifcations including UL and CSA.

Filter types offered by Ohmite:

  • Inlet Filters
  • Single Phase 
  • Three Phase (3-Phase)
  • Dual Stage
  • PCB Filters