ES-600 High-Precision Current Sensing Module


The ES-600 is a high precision, Automotive grade current sensing module. The module uses the standard CAN2.0A/B communication protocol, and all messages use a standard frame structure. The data length of the message frame is between 1-8 bytes. The default baud of the module is 500kbps, and it can also support 1Mbps/250kbps. The module performs data sampling at a fixed time interval set by the system and sends data to the CAN bus. At the same time, it can also respond to the trigger command. In the interval sampling period, the measurement will be performed immediately when the trigger command is received and send the message data to the CAN bus. There is no need to wait for the next interval.


  • 5KV Galvanic isolation
  • Housing design is IP40 compliant
  • CAN2.0B interface isolated, 120Ω internal terminated
  • Accuracy of current measurement ±0.1%
  • Current measurement range ±600A


  • Battery current monitoring for automotive applications
  • Grid energy storage
  • UPS
  • Charging station

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