FSP Series

FSP Series
Ohmite's FSP Series (Force Sensing Potentiometers) are high-feature-set, cost-effective touch sensors enabling intuitive control and navigation. FSPs are “single touch” devices that simultaneously report both touch position and variable force. They are easy to integrate, high resolution, low-power, and ideal for a wide range of HMI/MMI applications. Interfacing is simple via a host processor without the need for a dedicated MCU. FSPs are dynamically reconfigurable in firmware enabling multiple functions from a single sensor.
Force Sensing Potentiometers offer many benefits for HMI ( Human Machine Interface) sensing in a wide range of markets and applications versus mechanical switching or capacitive sensing. These include but are not limited to:

• Small, thin and light
• Largely immune to EMI and water events
• Low power
• False touch rejection
• Cost-effective
• Highly Durable (>10M activations typical)

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