HSX Series

HSX Series

Superhigh Precision, Hermetically Sealed Resistors

High Stability Hermetically Sealed

The HSX series resistors are hermetically sealed and exhibit excellent long-term stability and moisture resistance. The design of the HSX allows this even at high resistance values. 

The Ohmite HSX Series is available in three power ratings (1, 2, and 2.5 watts) with standard part tolerances as low as 0.50% and maximum working voltages to 10 kV.


  • Extremely low temperature coefficient.
  • Small in size, light weight and highly reliable.
  • Excellent moisture resistance and long-term stability.
  • A wide range of resistance values are stably obtained
  • Available in E24 values.


  • Offshore drilling
  • Aerospace
  • Medical electronics
  • Applications involving extreme temperatures, high moisture levels, high pressure, or aggressive chemicals

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