Precision High-Value High-Voltage Wraparound Chip - HVC Series

HVC Series

HVC Series Features & Uses

Ohmite’s High Voltage HVC Series incorporates high accuracy screen printing technology to achieve high voltage capability in a stable wraparound SMD chip resistor package. The HVC Series offers unmatched performance in comparison to standard chip resistors. The HVC series incorporates a non-inductive serpentine pattern. Its unique design provides lower voltage and temperature coefficients, less noise, tighter tolerances, better stability, higher resistance values, and higher voltage ratings. HVC is available in standard footprints from 0402 to a large 4020 capable of handling 6Kv.

  • High-value chip resistors in thick film technology
  • Low temperature and voltage dependency (low TCR and VCR)
  • High working voltage up to 6000V
  • Suitable for high vacuum applications—no organics
  • Contact areas: Nickel-barrier/matte tin
  • Wraparound terminals

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