Edgewound and Round Wire Resistors

PFE and PFR Series

Powr-Rib® Edgewound

Edgewound and Round Wire

Designed in both Edgewound and Round Wire formats, these rugged resistors can handle 700 to 1000 Watts of power. Specify our Edgewound design for very low resistance and high power capacity. When higher resistance with lower power capacity is required to use our Round Wire design.

These resistors are constructed of a heavy resistance alloy mounted on ceramic insulators and supported by a metal mounting bracket. Metal parts, except for the resistance element, are heavily plated to prevent oxidation at high operating temperatures and to prevent corrosion. The mounting bar is slotted on each end to facilitate installation. Edgewound units provide clamp-type terminals, permitting a reliable connection which can be moved along the resistive element to obtain intermediate values.

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