Resistor Hardware

Resistor Hardware

Mounting Hardware

For 200, 210, 270 and 280 Series

Secure your tubular resistor with one of Ohmite’s mounting hardware options. Mounting options include push-in brackets and thru-bolt brackets with all associated hardware.


Sturdy plated steel brackets, along with thru-bolts, centering washers and insulating washers (included), allow for secure mounting of 210 type and 270 type resistors. Mounting brackets are available in either slotted (one with end-slot/one with side-slot) or elongated styles.


Brackets fit inside cores of 200, 210 and 270 type resistors and remain in place by spring tension. Standard brackets are plated steel and have no suffix to part number. Spring steel brackets are indicated with an “S” suffix following part number.

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