650 Watt Heat Sinkable Planar - TAP650 Series

TAP650 Series

Ohmite’s TAP650 delivers 650 watts of reliable power to a variety of power conditioning, power transmission, and power control applications. These resistors can be designed for liquid or air-cooled heatsink systems. Applications include variable speed drives, power supplies, robotics, motor control, and other control devices. The resistive element of the TAP650 is specially designed for low inductance and capacitance, providing stable performance in addition to high wattage and pulse-loading capability. The design of the TAP650 is especially suited to applications that require low-profile mounting, such as variable speed drives, power supplies, robotics, motor control, control devices, and other power designs.

  • 650 watts of power dissipation with proper heatsinking
  • Leaded design for low profile and custom terminations
  • Standard lead length of 250mm
  • Wide resistance range values from 0.25 ohms to 1 meg
  • 5% tolerance standard beats industry norms of 10%
  • Ideal for variable speed drives, power supplies, and other power and control designs

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