600 Watt Thick Film Resistor - TGH600 Series

TGH600 Series

600 Watt SOT-227

The Ohmite TGH600 series uses new materials and technology to achieve high levels of wattage in a small SOT-227 package. Changes in the thick film process allow new materials to be used to create an extremely efficient product. Proper liquid cooling is required to obtain the full wattage rating of this great resistor series. The TGH600 is sure to find its way in many applications with its high wattage capability and industry-standard SOT-227 package size.

  • Up to 600 watts of power dissipation when proper heatsinking is applied
  • Non-inductive design ideally suited for high-frequency and pulse-load applications
  • Internal construction includes the use of AlN for maximum thermal efficiencies
  • Resistor is electrically insulated with a Dielectric rating up to 4 Kv

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