TGHE Series

TGHE Series

100 Watt Thick Film Resistor

The TGHD series features a ceramic flat type base. The 100W power dissipation require an air-cooled heatsink or water-cooling to reach peak performance. Look for the Ohmie VX series heatsinks designed for the TGHE series. The TGHE series is a great option for applications such as variable speed drives, power supply, control equipment, communication, automatic control, engine control,and many more!

Features of TGHE Series

  • Non Inductive design
  • Resistance range from 0.24 ohms to 1M ohm
  • Great stability with TCR values down 150ppm
  • Light weight and compact design, only 6 grams
  • Ohmite VX series heatsinks pair directly with the TGHE series

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