TGHM Series Thick Film Resistor

TGHM Series

Thick Film Power Resistor

The Ohmite TGHM series removes the bulk of the standard SOT-227 package creating an alternative for customers looking for connection options. The Ohmite TGHM relocates the terminations to the side creating a lower profile part. The side terminations use quick-connect terminals for an easy connection. These terminals eliminate the hardware and extra assembly time normally associated with the standard SOT-227 package. The new TGHM from Ohmite is also thermally efficient providing up to 300 watts of power dissipation when properly heatsinked.

  • Low profile compared to standard SOT-227
  • Quick Connect terminations for wired connections
  • Reduced assembly time with no hardware required for wired connections
  • 300 watts of power dissipation with proper heatsink
  • Reduced weight due to simplified design

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