High Voltage Thick-Film Ceramic Heatsink - TRH Series

TRH Series
Discontinued May 2022- All information for reference only
Combining our signature thick film technology with a ceramic heatsink, Ohmite has engineered a product that can cover all your needs in one easy to install solution. The TRH Series offers a single part solution to the common TO-247, screw, and heatsink traditionally offered separately. Using multiple thick film techniques and patterns, the TRH Series can cover three primary applications: High Energy, High Voltage, and Constant Power.
The Ohmite TRH combines two products in one. Ohmite uses advanced thick-film printing processes to place a resistor onto a ceramic heatsink. The TRH Series replaces common thick-film heatsinkable products and the heatsink and hardware associated with them. The resistor and heatsink are one unit and work together with great thermal efficiency.

TRH Series Features & Benefits

  • Power dissipation of 30 watts in free air
  • Designed to be board mounted with wide terminals for stability
  • Available three different application designs: Continuous Power, High Voltage and Surge
  • Substrate material is 95% Alumina for thermal efficiencies
  • Dielectric strength of 5 KvDC through substrate

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