High Purity Ceramic Heatsink - WC Series

WC Series Heatsink

The WC series is produced using high purity ceramic. The WC is non-conductive producing electrical isolation for high voltage devices. Aluminum heatsinks require isolating materials to achieve the same result as the WC series. The WC series ceramic heatsink is ideal for applications using high voltage TO packaged devices.

WC Series Heatsink Features

  • Ceramic construction offers good thermal efficiencies
  • Vertical mounting using solderable pins
  • Cam-style mounting clip requires no tools and securely holds device to heatsink
  • Thermal resistance down to 12° C / W
  • Designed for Standard TO-220, TO-247 and TO-264 devices
  • Ceramic body carries great dielectric properties, up to 4 KV from clip to heatsink body

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