Metal Foil Low Value Chip - FC4T Series

FC4T Series

The FC4T series is a metal foil low value chip from Ohmite that provides a great TCR rating. The 4 terminal construction is suited for current sense applications and helps deliver an accurate reading to the sensing circuit. The FC4T series is produced in a flip-chip design providing outstanding specifications at a lower cost. The FC4T series carries a range of resistance from 0.005-0.100 ohms and a TCR down to 50ppm. Another great specification is the 0.5% tolerance in all values. Combining tolerance, values, and stability in a cost conscience package draws attention from a multitude of engineers.

FC4T Series Resistor Features & Benefits

  • Flip Chip design provides economical option
  • Four-terminal Kelvin connection
  • Values down to 5 milli-ohms and 0.5% tolerance
  • Great stability with 50ppm TCR
  • Industry standard size of 1206
  • Compares to Ohmite LVK12 Series

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