Low Value Current Sense Resistor

LVT Series

Ohmite's LVT Series is a low-value current sense resistor. Using a metal alloy strip as the resistive medium, the TCR’s are kept at low levels. TCR’s range from 150ppm to 50ppm depending on the value and size chosen. All popular sizes and values are covered with this series. Sizes include 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206. These sizes are available from 2 milli-ohms up to 20 milli-ohms producing a nice range for current sense applications looking to minimize power consumption. The Ohmite LVT series is constructed in a Flip Chip style providing an economical current sense chip and a great extension to the ever-expanding offerings from Ohmite.

Low-Value Current Sense Features & Benefits

  • Flip Chip design produces an economical option
  • Metal strip resistive element
  • Values down to 2 milli-ohms and 1% tolerance
  • Great stability with TCR down to 50ppm
  • Industry-standard sizes include:
    • 0402
    • 0603
    • 1206
    • 2512

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