This high-power TO-263 (D2PAK) SMD resistor is capable of dissipating 50 watts. This resistor series is well suited for high-frequency applications. The AP750 is designed with low inductance in mind going down to 9.65 nano Henries.

The AP750 can be mated with the Ohmite D series heatsinks for maximum thermal dissipation when mounted to a circuit board. See the D series here- Sink D | Ohmite Mfg Co

  • Power Dissipation: 50 Watts up to 25°C
  • Value Range: From R02 to 51K
  • Tolerance Options: ±1% (F), ±5% (J)
  • TCR Options: R02-R091 ±250ppm/°C, R1-9R1 ±100ppm/°C, 10R-51K ±50ppm/°C
  • Maximum Voltage: 500V
  • Dielectric Strength: 2kVac

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