AP821 - T0220 RESISTOR


The AP821 resistor is a high-power T0220 style resistor can dissipate up to 20 watts of power. The molded pack is designed for high-frequency emitter circuits in switching power supplies

The AP821 can be paired with an Ohmite heatsink with Pat. Pending clip designs. The AP821 has a full molded body and requires a clip system for proper mounting. Not only will the Ohmite heatsink provide great thermal performance, but it also offers assembly ease with no screws required. Ohmite heatsinks are available here: TO-220 & TO-126 Heat Sinks - Thermal Extruded Heat Sinks | Ohmite Mfg Co

  • Power Dissipation: 20 watts with h/s 3 watts no h/s
  • Value Range: From R05 to 10K
  • Tolerance Options: ±1% or ±5%
  • TCR Options: ±50 - 250ppm/°C (re ohmic value)
  • Maximum Voltage: 350Vdc or √(P.R)
  • Dielectric Strength: 1800 Vdc (60 secs)

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